Great Divide Consulting develops and co-ordinates community based health and wellness programs. The mission of the business is to assists individuals, families and groups to achieve optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

Great Divide Consulting facilitates programs  that build self-esteem and promote health and wellness initiatives. The company produces transmedia platforms, which include books, documentary films, interactive websites and social media campaigns that are designed to precipitate conversation, guide teaching and begin the healing process.

Great Divide Consulting specializes in working with the people of Alberta’s eastern slopes.  The mountain communities in Alberta have a unique social structure tradition, culture and lifestyle.  Great Divide Consulting uses the power of storytelling. Stories focus on historically research as it relates to the eastern slopes families. Understanding our past …determines our ability to shape our present and influence our future.

Susan Feddema-Leonard RN has extensive training with the late Virginia Satir.   Satir’s approach to family therapy uses metaphors, storytelling and family reconstruction. Feddema-Leonard takes this one step farther by using transmedia in the reconstruction process to reach a larger audience. This cutting edge approach is used to inform, nurture, inspire and heal communities, families and individuals.